20 Years of Denver DIY

Vincent Comparetto’s Follow Focus series has released its second book, a visual love-letter to 20 years of Denver DIY, punk-rock, independent art, and all manners of underground community building and celebration.

I wrote a small blurb on the theme of “DIY Spaces,” and argue against the overuse of the term “safe space,” as a label which more accurately is meant to encapsulate a notion of freedom, tolerance, and expression. It is clear, of course, that DIY spaces by their nature contain a level of danger, whether that be the physical danger of a poorly maintained building, or the psychological “danger” of having one’s opinion changed. This was originally in response to the news of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, and the resulting persecution of artist-run performance and living spaces in Denver.

This book centers the queer, woman, and POC contributions that have transformed Denver’s scene in recent years and brought a new level of empowerment. It is an entirely self-funded project collecting images and words from Denver’s oft ignored and little explored underground communities. Check out Abstract City for more information and how to purchase.

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