if I acknowledge it, it destroys me

It seems as though Industrial music has finally returned to its transgressive, political roots. Bands like HIDE, Lingua Ignota, Pharmakon, and so many others are pinpointing auditory rage with perfect precision, and the results are some of the most impactful music being made today. This is not easy music to listen to, but it is, I believe, too important to ignore.

The title of this post is taken from Julia Kristeva‘s well-known work on Horror, which has previously been explored in relation to feminism and the experience of gendered bodies. Recently Chicago industrial-duo HIDE released a music video which I believe embodies well Kristeva’s notion of the abject. I’m honored to have been able to collaborate with Utrecht-based radio show TOO MANY CREEPS in order to release a reading of my recent essay on the use of the abject in HIDE’s Chainsaw.

Click here to listen to episode 5 of TOO MANY CREEPS. My reading begins at 10:45, however the entire show is not to be missed for an excellent selection of queer- and woman-produced electronic music on the theme of rage.



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