Skye Savage is a second year student in Columbia University’s Doctoral Program in German. She holds a B.A. in German and Russian from the University of Denver, along with minors in English and Music. Her academic interests include questions of nationalist rhetoric, especially language of disease, and its impact on literature and identity; post-World War 2 avant-garde and the notion of German Surrealism; and the development and impact of subculture in times of political upheaval.

Skye was selected as a finalist for the American Literary Translators Association‘s Travel Fellowship for work completed on Unica Zürn‘s House of Sicknesses. Her senior thesis involved creating a new, performance-ready translation of Woyzeck, by Georg Büchner.

Before moving to NYC in August 2018, Skye was a longtime resident of Denver, where she worked as a language instructor, and dedicated time as a volunteer to various high-impact organizations, including the GLBT Center of Colorado, and Project Worthmore. She is also a passionate advocate and supporter of Denver-area D.I.Y. music and arts culture.

As a classically-trained vocalist, Skye has sung with the Evans Choir, Colorado Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Lamont Chorale, St. Petersburg State University Student Choir, and numerous others. She has over 15 years of performance experience and has had opportunities to sing around the world at venues including Moscow Sate University and Carnegie Hall.


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