poetry, photography, cnf

Let’s start a commune, they said,” micro poem. August 2020 issue, Versification. Selected for Best of 2020 Anthology.

Zoom In,” flash cnf. Dispatches from a Pandemic, Another Chicago Magazine.

“Ramona,” poetry, photography. Issue #14: Static, Barren Magazine. Editor’s Pick.

essays, journalism

Viral Apocalypse: The Epidemic Fame of Zdzisław Beksiński,” Lethal Amounts. November 19, 2020.

How Nick Cave Became a Part of German Film History,” Lethal Amounts. November 9, 2020.

Exploring the Industrial Abject in the Music of HIDE and Lingua Ignota,” Lethal Amounts. August 31, 2020.

if I acknowledge it, it destroys me,” essay (read live). Episode 5, Too Many Creeps Radio Show. Timestamp: 10:45.